Attention: Entrepreneurs

Aspiring, new, and established business owners encounter a unique set of financial planning concerns that go beyond personal planning.


Business owners and employees who are tasked with establishing a retirement plan for their company face a myriad of options and legal ramifications. Whether you are in charge of your company's current retirement plan or want to start a new one, Zora Financial is here to help. We can advise on an appropriate plan design as well as serve as an ongoing advisor to the plan.


  • Due diligence on existing, potential, and selected investment managers and/or service providers
  • Retirement plan asset‐class menu recommendations
  • Investment policy statement review, development or implementation
  • Plan trustee education
  • Plan design recommendations
  • Plan mid‐year and/or year‐end trustee review
  • Investment monitoring reports
  • Substitution recommendations
  • Watch list recommendations
  • Participant educational workshops


After the plan consultation, Zora Financial can conduct ongoing assessments of the chosen providers. We may recommend replacement of some or all of plan investments, record-keeper, third‐party administrator (TPA), and/or custodian.

Recommendations depend on a combination of plan goals and objectives, updated due diligence information, as well as cost or other service considerations.

-Business Planning Considerations-

  • How should entrepreneurs balance public investing, taxes and their company?
  • When does investing in yourself/your companies become inappropriate? 
  • How can I balance my lifestyle with work and the trade-offs involved?
  • How will healthcare work?
    • Health Insurance - High deductible plan or not? 
    • Dental and vision coverage?
    • How should Health Reimbursement Agreements (HRA), Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA) be implemented?
  • What about Long-Term Disability insurance?
  • Is a cross purchase agreement needed, and how should I fund it?
  • What are appropriate business structures and some of the differences?
  • What options do I have for retirement savings and investing?
    • Should I establish a 401(k)?
    • What about SIMPLE and SEP IRAs?
  • I want to open a retirement plan have no idea where to start.
    • See above
  • I have been working for someone else for long enough; I think I am ready to open my own company.
    • Is there enough savings to reach this goal and keep my other plans intact?
    • What will happen with my previous employer's 401(k)?
    • Should I take my pension as a lump-sum?
    • Will I have enough business to stay open?
    • What can I expect?
  • What are other business owners doing?
    • Could I be saving on my taxes?
    • Can I make my spouse or children employees and why?
  • I am tired of working for my money and want it to start working for me.

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