Investment Philosophy - Part 1

The Request

This month’s post is the beginning of a series where I intend to explain my investment philosophy.  I begin by requesting your time to lay a bit of groundwork.  I want you to spend 53 minutes watching a PBS Frontline Special, “The Retirement Gamble” which was first aired In April of 2013.  Although a year and half has passed, this video does a great job of shedding light into the retirement plan landscape and sets the stage for an argument between active vs. passive investing. 

I realize 53 minutes seems like a lifetime, but I believe it has the potential to significantly change the outcome of your financial future.  There are many different perspectives when it comes to investing, and one thing is for sure...the debate will not end here.  -The Retirement Gamble-

Next month’s post, Investment Philosophy - Part 2, will go into depth on Active VS. Passive investing.