The Beginning

Well, this is the beginning.  For me, it is a time of great excitement and some apprehension, but most importantly a time for change.  It is a time for change in public awareness about the fee-only structure, a change to the stereotype that fee-only firms exclusively work with high net-worth or income individuals and a change to how we view the financial planning process in general. 

Let me introduce myself.  I am Jesse C. Zora, CFP®, the founder of Zora Financial.  In short, I am excited about the future and hope to spark your enthusiasm as well.

Zora Financial is different.  We require no minimums, just a willingness to experience the fee-only difference.  Not only do we work with high net-worth and income clients, we believe it is important to work with anyone who fits into our firm’s culture.  We could be your personal financial planner and investment manager.

Our culture is one which subscribes to the paradigm shift that ongoing financial planning is what provides value, and investment and risk management are only part of a much larger process.   I am not referring to just any financial planning but, specifically, fee-only financial planning and investment management.  Be leery of firms who use the wordage 100% fee-based; this is not the same.  If you are unfamiliar with fee-only, please follow the link. 

Zora Financial offers ongoing personal financial planning and investment management to our clients, as well as retirement plan consultation and advising.   We know the traditional financial planning process has often been compared to the mixture of math class, marriage counseling and a dental exam, all culminating in the remark, “this might hurt at first but will pay off in the long-run”.  Our process strives to change this perception.  We will work together through this inevitably fluid process.  Our intent is to discover what you value and align those values with your financial goals.  Financial planning should leave you with efficient finances, purpose for your money and reveal a clear path for the future.  Not only do we want you to experience the fee-only difference, we want you to experience the Zora Financial difference.